The 150'000 SF DREAM charter school development in East Harlem is a multifamily mixed-use building that contains the new home for the DREAM Charter School, Office space for Harlem RBI (a well respected local not-for-profit organization) and 90 affordable housing units.

Located on an open brownfield site within the George Washington housing projects of East Harlem, the lot is such that every facade is considered as important as the other. People will approach the building from every side of the site. this encouraged an initial design principle of legibility and transparency to the public spaces that connect and separate the programs of the school, offices and housing.

The project incorporates these light-filled, open and high capacity spaces in the heart of the building volume, orientating them toward the street and a nearby park. this creates a visual connection to the outside from within whilst providing an icon that glows in the evening, signifying the project as a new but integral part of its already rich context.