ucp health centre

The UCP Health Centre is a new 25,000 sf clinic which provides physical and occupational Therapy, as well as dental, medical and mental health services. Whilst the core mission of the clinic is to serve people with cerebral Palsy, it is open as a drop-in health centre for the entire Long Island community.

Using a variety of materials, the building has a strong, sculptural appearance that is designed to withstand the demanding program that it houses. The continual weaving of exterior and interior, public and private, provide a dynamic experience for the one-time user or the everyday staff alike.

The UCP Health Centre distances itself from the stereotype that such a complex program and tight budget mean that sacrifices have to be made in the freedom and conviction of the design.



1. Vestibule

2. Reception

3. Administration

4. Mental Health

5. Medical Suite

6. Dental Suite

7. PT / OT

8. Workshop

9. Assessment

10. Model Apt.

Floor Plan


Section through the “Commons” waiting area


Creating the “Commons”

The main reception area is a space to…

section 2.jpg


The connection between workshop and waiting area is celebrated by the display gallery.


A Few Details

The following images show a few of my favourite glimpses of the place... whether a necessary junction of structure, a need for extra storage, a place to read or just a picture of a cute cat!


A special thanks to Chris McCluskie for the beautiful photographs. Visit his site HERE