A Journey of Wilding Women
Book cover, illustrations and typographic layout
Fritillary Press | 2022
Author Alison Williams commissioned us to create visuals, illustrations and typographic layouts for her powerful book, A Journey of Wilding Women: Celebrating Selfhood.

Our approach was to immerse ourselves in the world of the book by taking long walks in the woodlands around our West Lothian home, absorbing the early draft through audio narration. The photographs, drawings and textures collected during these walks became the foundation for the striking visuals that complement Alison’s words and the Wilding Women Storytellers’ essays and experiences.
‘The Cardinal Bird [Story 22]’—Cinda Cash Walsh
The book cover layout—a design that holds personal significance for us—seamlessly merges the rugged edges of a felled tree with the graceful silhouette of a woman in profile. On presenting this concept to Alison, we felt that extending the woman's portrait from the front to the back cover added a unique and captivating touch that feels exactly right for this true gem of a book. 
A Journey of Wilding Women: Celebrating Selfhood,’ [excerpt]—Alison Williams et al.

The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
Ecclesmachan, EH52 6NL