BRAID Graphic Concepts
An updatable graphic for social media/blogs/presentations, featuring a key phrase and including partner/funder logos.

Introduce and communicate the purpose of the project
Create ongoing interest in the project's aims and outcomes
Give the team a useful visual that expresses a shared purpose

Concept 1: Voices we will listen to

    We are creating a space for emergent ideas from young people. They will educate us

    • Bold, positive primary colours—reminiscent of classroom settings
    • Machine-created ‘thumbprint’ texture—‘how is identity shaped by technology?’
    • Imagery from UKBlackTech and Jopwellcredit these ethical sources of diverse representation within the tech industry

    Voices we will listen to: young people
    Voices we will listen to: educators

    Voices we want to listen and take action: policy makers

    Voices we will listen to: young people and educators
    Voices we will listen to: young people

    Concept 2: Unknown potential

    AI can only draw from (scrape, regurgitate) based on what has happened in the past; humans can imagine futures unknown.

    ‘Too often educational research is framed as evaluation, rather than potential.’
    —Dr. Jen Ross
    Senior Lecturer in Digital Education, University of Edinburgh

    • What are the possibilities of generative AI in the classroom?—‘glitches, surprises?’
    • Our ‘prompt’ is an invitation for young people to give their valued opinions and ideas
    • We don’t know the outcome; this is what makes the work so neccessary
    • Movement, curiosity, unexpected outcomes

    Unknown potential: coding, computing, STEM

    Unknown potential: art, music, drama

    Unknown potential: technology, engineering, design

    Unknown potential: collaboration, problem-solving  

    Concept 3: Zine Collage  

    One outcome of the BRAID project will be zines created in workshops by young people. They will use original and appropriated imagery to share thoughts and express their views.
    • AI is already part of many young people’s everyday lived experience. The BRAID project will empower them by giving them a role in shaping the future of AI in educational settings—giving them a voice that will reach educators and policy makers.
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