Villainous VIKINGS & the Agents of D.A.T.A
Character design
CONFIDENTIAL! FOR TRAINEE AGENTS OF D.A.T.A ONLY: The key to thwarting the nefarious VIKINGS, who aim to harness data for world domination, lies in the hands of primary school children nationwide. These young Trainee Agents of D.A.T.A are equipped with knowledge in digital safety, data literacy, and logical reasoning to counteract the VIKINGS’ villainous schemes.

Vi Banks: Cyber thief, hacker
Dr. Evelyn Scott: VIKINGS leader, rocket scientist
Jakub Gray: Virus writer, spyware developer
Lilias Bridge: Social media troll, fake news author
Given the elusive nature of the VIKINGS, no known photographs exist. Consequently, we were entrusted with a classified briefing at a top-secret location to artistically render their likenesses. Our mission: to aid Trainee Agents in their pursuit of the VIKINGS, before their misdeeds escalate further!

Agents K and J (Kate Farrell and Jasmeen Kanwal) uncovered the VIKINGS’ sinister plans on behalf of Data Education in Schools. They develop resources for teaching data literacy, including newly-launched ‘escape rooms’ designed to bring the excitement of a school trip into the classroom. Each escape room incorporates elements of data literacy, covering topics such as interpreting various graph types, logical reasoning, map reading, and addressing digital safety concerns like viruses, phishing, social media trolling, and fake news.
D.A.T.A agents must foil temporal time attacks!
The villainous VIKINGS’ nefarious motto 
Major ‘X,’ A.K.A Major Tommy

Briefing Trainee Agents falls under the jurisdiction of Major ‘X,’ head of D.A.T.A (Defence Against Temporal Attacks), who wears our D.A.T.A logo badge with pride. Despite the fact that they despise each other, the VIKINGS (Villains, Insurgents, and Kleptomaniacs: Invading Networks and Global Systems), are united in their belief that ‘Data is gold, and we shall plunder it all!’
Initial concepts included Viking accoutrements—until we found out they wear modern clothing to blend in!
Continuing their mission to bring data literacy to all, Data Education in Schools’ debut escape room adventure, ‘Locked in the DATAbase,’ has now officially launched! Agents J and K took centre stage, captivating over 1,000 eager learners and immersing them in a live virtual experience—with occasional interference from the mischievous VIKINGS.
The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
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