Data Explorer Cards
Graphic design and photography
Graphic design (with a little of our own studio photography) for Data Education in Schools’ Data Explorer Cards, an imaginative tool for teaching data literacy in the classroom.

The cards provide an open-ended avenue for children to cultivate skills and cognitive habits essential to fostering data-driven problem-solving in their day-to-day lives. They encourage kids to delve into the world around them, tackling data challenges in a playful way.

Psst! Hidden on one card is a Lego version of Elspeth
PPDAC graphic created for the Data Explorer Cards
We photographed vignettes for themes like Lost Property!, Lego! and Plastic!
Designed to tap into children’s natural inclination for questioning, the cards facilitate exploration across four themes relevant to those at primary school: Lego! Birds! Lost Property! and Plastic!. Each card features question prompts that spark curiosity, accompanied by real-world visuals strategically integrated to guide learners through the Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis, and Conclusions (PPDAC) cycle. As children’s imaginations take flight, they can use the blank template we designed to create their own Data Explorer Cards.

 The Data Explorer Cards’ intentionally open-ended nature allows for flexibility—a single card might ignite a series of brief conversations over a week, or serve as the catalyst for a more extended lesson (or a series of lessons!). The cards are robust and presented in a clear storage box, a practical and appealing resource for the classroom intended for frequent reuse.

Data Explorer Cards are part of the Data Education in Schools’ commitment to developing interdisciplinary and engaging resources for teachers. By Holly Linklater and the Data Education in Schools team. Graphic design by Elspeth Maxwell.
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