Teach Data Literacy: A Guide for Primary Teachers
Magazine layout, graphics and illustration
Data Education in Schools produced this handbook for primary and secondary school educators as part of their commitment to advancing interdisciplinary data education in Scotland. Teach Data Literacy: A Guide for Primary Teachers outlines how teachers can leverage students’ natural curiosity about the world to develop skills essential for data literacy.

We were approached to design a visually appealing and easily navigable magazine-style layout for the handbook to help inspire teachers to integrate data literacy into their classrooms.

Organised into three broad sections, the handbook begins with an introduction to data literacy concepts, variables and probability. We created bold, attention-grabbing graphics that complement the text in this segment, encouraging readers to delve into the subject matter. 

The handbook's middle section examines real-world problem-solving contexts and explores the impact of data on personal lives and society. We created vibrant graphical illustrations to introduce the ‘Data Problem-solving Cycle’ (PPDAC) and infographics showing its five steps: Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis and Conclusions.

Each PPDAC step is further developed in colour-coded sections, featuring visually appealing graphics designed to capture attention. These graphics serve as prompts for teachers to assist learners throughout the PPDAC cycle.

A classroom poster accompanies the handbook, created with bold visuals that are sure to capture the attention of both teachers and kids. We designed it with a comic book flair, and it stars two young superheroes with a unique superpower—asking good questions! This thoughtful extra touch further reflects Data Education in School’s ingenuity and commitment to engaging educational tools that keep data literacy top of mind in the classroom.

The final section, ‘Resources and Activities,’ is a treasure trove of data literacy learning adventures that will delight educators and learners across Early, First, and Second Levels. We approached this section as an appealing visual menu, and for each individual activity listed we created an appealingly offbeat graphic with a touch of humour.

Data Education in Schools is part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal Data Skills Programme, supported by the Scottish and UK Governments. Bringing together industry, universities, colleges, schools and others, the Data Skills Programme aims to provide pathways into data or digital careers.

Teach Data Literacy: A Guide for Primary Teachers
was created, researched and authored by Judy Robertson, Holly Linklater, Kate Farrell, Jasmeen Kanwal, Serdar Abaci, Claire Sowton, and the Data Education in Schools team. Graphic design by Elspeth Maxwell.

The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
Ecclesmachan, EH52 6NL