Steadings Kitchen
Architectural Design
Originally built in the 1840s, the Steadings were transformed into a bright and welcoming family home by Crichton Wood Architects at the turn of the century. When designing the kitchen, our goal was to create a welcoming, functional space that would serve as the heart of the home for a lively family of four.

View from the kitchen looking into the dining room
Cabinetry and custom woodwork by Jonny Pang
Our colour palette was inspired by the ever-changing Scottish skies visible through the skylight and the warm earth tones of the surrounding woods. We began by selecting cool greys for the ceramic floor tiles, a subtle pale concrete finish for the quartz countertops, and matte white ‘kit-kat’ tiles for the backsplash. The wooden cabinets were hand-stained to add warmth and contrast, like a cozy blanket on a cool evening.
View from the dining room into the kitchen
View from the kitchen door
The kitchen layout was designed to make the most of the space, optimise natural light, and ensure a smooth workflow when multiple people are using the kitchen. Counter-height on one side and bar-height on the other, the multifunctional kitchen island is a stand-out feature. It houses the oven, microwave, hob, and additional storage for cutlery and crockery. It’s used daily for meal preparation and also functions as a breakfast bar, gathering space, and casual workspace. 

A full-height pantry provides ample storage for dry goods, and the double sink on the back wall is framed by additional countertop space and a concealed fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.
We used under-cabinet lights for ambient lighting, concealed lights for task lighting and accent lighting over the island. The oak wood and warmth of the light foster a serene ambiance; the kitchen’s connection to the outside courtyard and the dining room, illuminated by a skylight, enhances the calm, clean, and modern feel.

Kitchen island. Custom woodwork by Jonny Pang
Concealed lighting and kit-kat tiles. Custom woodwork by Jonny Pang
Seamless oak paneling, custom cabinetry, and superb detailing on the carved wooden handles of the doors and drawers make the kitchen truly exceptional. These were masterfully crafted by furniture maker and woodworker Jonny Pang at his workshop in Edinburgh. 

Pantry door and drawer details. Custom woodwork by Jonny Pang
It was a dream come true to have furniture maker Jonny Pang on board for this project, bringing artistry and precision to every inch of the design. The process was fascinating—from early wood-staining experiments to seeing the cabinets take shape in the workshop, culminating in the whole kitchen coming together upon installation.

The Steadings kitchen is now an inviting, beautiful space where meals and memories are made.

Work in progress at the Steadings and the workshop

Our early 3D explorations for the project
The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
Ecclesmachan, EH52 6NL