The Printworks, Leith

We enjoy conceptualising one-of-a-kind living spaces in our city, particularly when distinctive and unconventional locations come up. The Printworks, entering the market with planning permission for a transformation from a ground floor shop into a two-bedroom flat, provided us with a blank canvas. Here are our ideas for breathing new life into the interior and bringing a fresh perspective to this unique space.



1. Bedroom

2. Kitchen

3. Bathroom

4. Dining area

5. Seating area

6. Work space

7. Living room

8. Storage

The long, narrow layout of The Printworks reminded us of iconic New York railway apartments. We designed a living area, workspace, and a kitchen/dining area situated at the front of the property, which would then lead seamlessly into the bedrooms and bathroom at the back. To infuse the space with natural light, we envisioned a design featuring a series of clerestory windows and skylights.
Rendering of the living area, kitchen, work space and entryway

With the careful curation of contemporary furniture, finishes and storage, this unique space could be transformed into an ideal setting for young professionals and those embracing hybrid work arrangements in the heart of Leith.
The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
Ecclesmachan, EH52 6NL