Augmented  Reality: Linlithgow Palace
Augmented reality | 3D modelling | Virtual reality

We’re inspired by the rich history and architecture of our city. Beyond our enjoyment of contemporizing existing spaces, we’re fascinated by imagining the appearance of historical spaces during their prime. Drawing insights from the site itself and the physical restoration of a similar space at Stirling Castle, we created an immersive 3D digital model imagining the once-majestic Great Hall of Linlithgow Palace as it might have been at its peak in the 16th Century.

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Ours is a novel and and non-destructive approach to reliving the past through its architecture. Download it on your phone, and the 360-degree interactive visual transports you to the Great Hall in the mid-1600s: the expansive wooden ceiling is restored, opulent tapestries adorn the walls, the broad hearth awaits a roaring fire, and two lengthy banquet tables are laden with a medieval feast.

On a bright and breezy Scottish summer day, we decided to test our 3D digital model in situ at Linlithgow Palace. As fate would have it, the halls of the ruined palace were graced by a group of actors, decked out in period costume! Sharing our time-traveling 3D experience with them and the visitors and staff was magic.

The Steadings, 4 Binny Stables,
Ecclesmachan, EH52 6NL